Monday, January 24, 2011

Marine Science Center Field Trip

All of us walking down the beach

Chris petting stingrays

Net fishing

Beth and Daniella

This was a really weird but fun trip! We all got wet as we went net fishing!

Wow Raquel

Go Nerds!!!

Congrats to our Science Olympiad Nerds that got 2nd place in their invitational Science Olympiad!!
All of them, acting like dorks.

Nerd Boy Carlos and Jordanis

Mark, Ashley, Dilan, and Raquel

Matthew and Christian J.

No way!!

Could these two girls really be Sebastian and Christian's future girlfriends???!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


The basketball team got 2nd place in a tournament!!! Joshua Rayside was voted MVP this game! Keep up the great work boys!!  

Wow Raquel

look at this pic Raquel found :)
Sooooooo not nice... but you gotta laugh :)
Momo is coming for you!!!

Lucas and Lucas at Lillian's 12th birthday party.
Ceaser, Christian, and Omar getting their prize cucumber from Mr. Yalcin and Mr. Kaya
The Oddssey of the mind team: Bryce, Campbell, Momo, Sannmit, Daniella, Beth, and their coach Ms. Schumacker.

Jack, Campbell, Dalton, Trey, and Chris smiling at the dance, trying to impress the ladies... not really working ;)

Carlos, Lucas, Carlo, and Sebastian goofing off at the dance.

This is a place for all students of Orlando Science Middle. All of the interesting things going on around the school is going to be posted on this blog... hopefully. If you know of anything cool going on just post it as a comment.